Sunday, December 14, 2008

'...very Emily Dickinson'

'...very Emily Dickinson' 2006, Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, 24ct Gold and Glass Enamel.

'...very Emily Dickinson' is the piece i made for the 2006 Cicely & Collin RIGG Contemporary Design Award. Sally Marsland won that year and it was well deserved with her beautiful body of work 'Jewellery made with holes'.

(my artist statment for '...very Emily Dickinson')
In the past the Field Trip series has been about the exploration of vitality and energy in nature. Field Trip ‘…very Emily Dickinson…’ follows this emotional response, but it is now the beginning of decay and the impermanence of nature that is depicted. By contrasting the perishable delicacy of the subject and the rigidity and strength of silver in which it is captured, the piece attempts to ‘snapshot’ a moment in time; the ephemeral becomes permanent, glazed in a brittle layer of enamel.

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