Sunday, December 14, 2008

Field Trip

'Field Trip' two bangles and a ring, 2005. Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, 24ct Gold and Glass Enamel.

(my artist statement for this body of work)

My work is initially inspired by an instinctive emotional response to my natural surroundings. This delight is tempered by a closer observation of both the structure and randomness in its form and colour.
By working with easily malleable materials, such as wax and plasticine, I can quickly and intuitively create objects inspired by, but not mimicking, natural forms. Once cast, silver becomes a neutral canvas for the play of colour and surface via the use of enamel. The fluidity, fragility and unpredictability of enamel creates a controlled randomness in the finished object. This makes the piece snapshot-like in its capturing of an organic construct.

... and yes i did grow up next to the beach.

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