Sunday, December 14, 2008


'Treasure' here are three pieces from my production range exploring strands of beads. I am fascinated with how many cultures have their own verisons and uses for beads.


'Teeth', 2008. Fine Silver, 22ct Gold Leaf and Glass Enamel.
'Peacock' box, 2008. Fine Silver, 22ct Gold Leaf and Glass Enamel.
'Tiger' box, 2008. Fine Silver, 22ct Gold Leaf, Brass and Glass Enamel.

If you scroll further through this blog you will find two excellent essays written by Anna Davern and Pene Durston. They responded to 'Beast', the exhibition i had earlier this year. I have only included these images and this event again as i have just done a Jessica Morrison history purge. And it just would not have been complete without re-sighting the beasts as they were the last major event. Since having this blog i have been meaning to record my journey and well today it is done (only 7 months late).

'...very Emily Dickinson'

'...very Emily Dickinson' 2006, Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, 24ct Gold and Glass Enamel.

'...very Emily Dickinson' is the piece i made for the 2006 Cicely & Collin RIGG Contemporary Design Award. Sally Marsland won that year and it was well deserved with her beautiful body of work 'Jewellery made with holes'.

(my artist statment for '...very Emily Dickinson')
In the past the Field Trip series has been about the exploration of vitality and energy in nature. Field Trip ‘…very Emily Dickinson…’ follows this emotional response, but it is now the beginning of decay and the impermanence of nature that is depicted. By contrasting the perishable delicacy of the subject and the rigidity and strength of silver in which it is captured, the piece attempts to ‘snapshot’ a moment in time; the ephemeral becomes permanent, glazed in a brittle layer of enamel.

Field Trip 'Rock Pools'

Field Trip 'Rock Pool' Pink, orange and blue, 2005. Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, 24ct Gold and Glass Enamel.
Field Trip 'Rock Pool' Yellow, blue and white, 2005. Fine Silver and Glass Enamel.
I am not entirely convinced about these pieces but i thought i should document them for me to refer back to. I must admit i do look at them and think look at all that metal in there i can reuse. Ah, i had to try it next time bigger and better.

Field Trip

'Field Trip' two bangles and a ring, 2005. Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, 24ct Gold and Glass Enamel.

(my artist statement for this body of work)

My work is initially inspired by an instinctive emotional response to my natural surroundings. This delight is tempered by a closer observation of both the structure and randomness in its form and colour.
By working with easily malleable materials, such as wax and plasticine, I can quickly and intuitively create objects inspired by, but not mimicking, natural forms. Once cast, silver becomes a neutral canvas for the play of colour and surface via the use of enamel. The fluidity, fragility and unpredictability of enamel creates a controlled randomness in the finished object. This makes the piece snapshot-like in its capturing of an organic construct.

... and yes i did grow up next to the beach.

Ralph and Clyde

'Ralph and Clyde' (The original beasts), sugar bowl and milk jug, 2005.
Fine Sliver and Glass Enamel.
I didn't know it at the time but these guys were the beginning of many adventures to come!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Princess C, Lady J and the Upper Crust Studio Sale

Come one, come all, we are having our 1st ever studio sale and yes i know i have left it late to advertise but better now than never.
The doors are open today Friday the 12th 12pm - 6pm and tomorrow Saturday the 13th 10am - 2pm. Level 8, 289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.
Please give our beasts a good home this Christmas, adopt 2 today!
To see our little friends visit