Saturday, February 2, 2013

Petite Green workshop at Artifice store

Artifice store is excited to present you a series of workshops with the master of mini landscaping.. Amy Wong the creator behind the quirky Petite Green.

Amy will teach you how to create a succulent terrarium with attitude. This will be a golden opportunity to find out how to design and make terrariums from one of Melbourne’s leading terrarium-makers. You will learn plant selection, soil composition, terrarium care, propagating succulents and plants.

Bring a clean 2 litre clear non-coloured glass container such as a small fish bowl, glass teapot, jam jar (no lid required). Please make sure you can fit your hand into the opening of the glass container. All other materials will be supplied including a variety of unique succulent plants, small figurines, soil, rocks and other items to create your terrarium.

Amy comes from a background in the visual arts and has a degree in environmental microbiology… We would say this makes for an excellent combination!

What will we learn?:
• How to design and make a terrarium
• Plant selection
• Soil composition
• Terrarium care

What do I need to do?
·      Bring one clean 2 litre (maximum) clear non-coloured glass jar with an opening big enough for your hand to fit through. No lid is needed. If you have small figurines you would like to use bring them along.
·      Please be aware that this is a hands-on workshop and you will be handling soils and plants. We provide disposable latex gloves and disposable plastic apron. Please bring stronger gloves and apron if you feel you need more protection.
·      One terrarium per person
·      Cost $65 per person
·      Call 9017 5446 or email Artifice store on to book your spot- please specify your chosen date 9th or the 10th February.

Where and When
Workshops will be held at Artifice store in the historic Customs Wharf Galleria 126 Nelson Place Williamstown. Workshop dates Saturday the 9th of February at 1pm and Sunday the 10th of February at 10.30am. The workshops will run for approx two hours. Please arrive 10 mins early to get settled. 

Book ASPA as there are very limited places left! 
Hope to see you there.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Infinite repeat- Simon Browne teaming up with Artifice Store

Hey look at what we are doing at Artifice store......check out our blurb below. Too exciting for words!!!! 
Infinite repeat...Artifice store's first event and product range with Simon Browne.

Melbourne jewellery artists Jessica Morrison, Matthew Bracken and Coconut Lu (us the peeps from Artifice store) will join forces with Graphic Designer Simon Browne (rockstar) this coming weekend. Come down to Artifice store and see what magic happens when the four collide and turn Browne's paintings into wearable art.  This event will produce Artifice store's first collaborative product.  

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 November 10am - 4pm
Customs Wharf Galleria
126 Nelson Place Williamstown 3016
Melways Map 56 E9
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Ohhh and to introduce Simon Browne's are some of his beautiful paintings.
Simon Browne
B4 #1, September 2012
Modelling enamel on Japanese wood panel

Simon Browne
140 x 180 #4. September 2012
Modelling enamel on Japanese wood panel

Day Dream

Day dream Fine silver and glass enamel necklace

Here is a few pictures of my NEW....(well it was 2 years in the making) body of work Day Dream.
I have just dropped this range into the lovelies at Studio Ingot so to have a better look at it in it's entirety visit them next time you are in Fitzroy.

I had a bit of trouble writing my artist perusal who likes writing them, but this work is more about a feeling rather than a thing.  It's about how you feel when you catch the nice moments in a day when you stop, look at the sun and stop.

My artist statement...
As a child and as an adult Jessica Morrison is still looking out the window and daydreaming.  In this body of work Day Dream, Morrison is drawing on treasured time spent being still and letting the mind wander. Blurring the lines of focus and just relishing in light, colour and possibility.
The stillness of dreamy thoughts is transferred into the works through the
meditative processes applied to create these ethereal pieces.

Fine silver and glass enamel earrings
Fine silver and glass enamel earrings
18ct Gold and glass enamel earrings
18ct Gold and glass enamel ring

Idol hands

Keep this next Tuesday free if you are up for a jewellery fix!

Melbourne’s Box Hill Institute, Centre for Creative Industries, introduces you to the 2012 graduate exhibition of the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (specialising in jewellery).

The exhibition represents the launch of 14 emerging contemporary jewellers. They will be showcasing the eclectic and dynamic works from these jewellers that range from bold wearable statements to hollow ware. The collection will include unique works designed for the astute and discerning eye
and productions ranges. The materials used are as diverse as the designs and their makers. Individuality is celebrated.

Meghan Amarasekera, Camille Barrington-Wood, Chloe Borella, Shelley Buttle, Pam Camille, Misha Dare, Sarah Francis, Miao Gu, Jing Jia, Sabine Knoepfli, Tarnia Mulder, Nicole Sewart, Tariq Shadid, Robyn Whitfield

120 Alexandra Parade (off Brunswick Street)
Fitzroy VIC 3065
melways ref: 2C, C4

Opening night: 20 November 2012, 6-8pm
Speaker: Nella Themelios

Exhibition dates: 20 November 2012 to 2 December 2012
Exhibition opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday - 12 to 6 pm

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Artifice store

Artifice store
Customs Wharf Galleria
126 Nelson Place
Willimastown, Vic.
It started with a cup of tea six weeks ago and since then we have designed, made and opened the doors to our new venture Artifice Store!  Artifice store is all about (awesome) Australian art and design.  Not content to leave art just on the walls we, Matthew Bracken, Coconut Lu and myself have began the exciting task of curating and presenting an evolving range of clever, playful and beautifully made art and design products.  Here is a sneak peak of our store....

In store you will find beautiful pieces by the talented artists, designers and labels such as Amor Amor, Boqil, Simon Browne,  Coconut Lu, Anna Davern, Nicky Hepburn, The Hungry Girls, Lightly, David Neale, Cass Partington, Princess C Lady J and The Uppercrust, Valerie Restarick, Voyager, Katelyn Sheldrick, Sunday Morning Designs, Third Drawer Down and TreeHorn Design!  (...and more coming soon! Wooooooohooo!!)


Come and visit us next time you are in Williamstown. 
We are located inside the Customs Wharf Galleria (as pictured in the colourful picture above). 

Friday, September 21, 2012


Okay it's spring and if you've had the first lick of sunshine you may be feeling like this....
...if so we have the workshop just for you.

Box Hill Institute has partnered up with the Melbourne Fringe Festival and clever kids Jessica Morrison (that's me) and Coconut Lu (one of my favourites) to present the festive workshop.....

Broken jewels, ugly jewels, paper clips, garden twine, fabrics, feather dusters, magical things you can’t throw out but have no clue with what to do…..?
Artists and creators of playful jewellery label ‘ Princess C, Lady J and the Upper Crust’, Jessica Morrison and Coconut Lu can help!
Bring your favourite broken gems and useless bits and over a four hour workshop we will help you magic them into a gorgeous pair of earrings fit for a Carnival…(or just dinner with your mates)

What to Bring:
As many items to be repurposed as possible
Your best imagination
Drawing pad and pencil/pens
Not essential but if you have your own pliers/ hand tools, please bring them

We will supply:
Sterling silver wire for earring hooks
Basic tools and electrical equipment
Two creative minds eager to share

Please be aware that we will be making in a functioning jewellery workshop so please wear leather covered toe shoes and bring a hair tie.

Saturday 6th of October

Box Hill Institute
Whitehorse Campus          
1000 Whitehorse Road
BOX HILL  Victoria

Melways reference: 47 E9

How much?

To book your place, please phone Jo Knowles at Box Hill Instituite's  Centre for Creative Industries on 9286 9654 

Friday, September 14, 2012

The year was 2006

'The year was 2006'

An exhibition of 100 jewellery pieces made in 2006

19th – 30th June 2012

Image taken at Studio 2017 6b/2 Danks st, Waterloo NSW of exhibition The Year was 2006

Okay I know this is very late....even appalling late but I have been flat stick and this is the first chance I have had to record this event in my blog. Naughty really considering I was lucky enough to be evolved in this great exhibition with the clever cats at Studio 2017  June this year.  Read their blurb below and check out the the number of great artists included in this show.  I was in excellent company.

The Year was 2006

2006. It was a common year that started on a Sunday. John Howard was PM and Pluto was no longer classified as a planet. It is often bandied about that art is a reflection of our society; intrigued, we set out to find what 2006 might have looked like in terms of contemporary jewellery. 100 jewellers from across the globe have been invited to present one piece of jewellery they made 6 years ago. Presented as a salon hang, this exhibition will showcase an incredibly diverse array of jewellery and will give an overall snapshot of what these jewellers were thinking, making and the materials they were using all those years ago in 2006.

Alice Potter, Alice Whish, Alida Cappelletta, Amy Renshaw, Andrew Welch, Barbara Cotter, Bernadette Trainor, Beatriz Ruiz, Birgit Laken, Claire McArdle, Coconut Lu, Bridget Kennedy, Danielle Butters, Danielle Sweeney, Deborah Rudolph, Diane Beevers, Elfrun Lach, Elfi Spiewack, Emma Fielden, Erin Timony, Francine Haywood, Heidemarie Herb, Helen Mok, Ilse-Marie Erl, InSync Design, Jacomien Labuschagne, Jandy Pannell, Jane Millard, Jane Pollard, Jane Reynolds, Jasmine Matus, Jennifer Gehbauer, Jessica McMullen, Jessica Morrison, Jessica Page, Judy McCaig, Julie Usel, Julie Kiefel, Justine Austine, Karen Thompson, Karin Jakobsson, Karina Hunnerup, Karola Torkos, Kate Barton, Kath Inglis, Katrina Freene, Kelly McCallum, Kim Ebbeck, Linda Blair, Linda Van Niekerk, Lisa Furno, Luke-John Matthew Arnold, Madeleine Clark, Manuela Gandini, Mark Vaarwerk, Melanie Ihnen, Melinda Young, Melissa Cameron, Mervi Kurvinen, Michelle Kelly, Michelle Taylor, Minnette Michael, Mirca Maffi, Miriam Andraus Pappalardo, Nadine Smith, Naomi Schwartz, Paula Rodrigues, Phoebe Porter, Rachel Bell, Radka Passianova, Renee Damiani, Robi Szalay, Rudee Tancharoen, Sandy Marker, Shan Shan Mok, Sharon Fitness, Sharon Massey, Shauna Mayben, Shimara Carlow, Sian Edwards, Simon Cottrell, Sonya Scott, Stefanie Koelbel, Susan Frisch, Susanna Dwyer, Suzanne Esser, Szilvia Gyorgy, Tatjana Panyoczki, Teresa Faris, Vernon Bowden, Vicki Mason, Ximena Natanya BriceƱo, Zoe Brand