Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day Dream

Day dream Fine silver and glass enamel necklace

Here is a few pictures of my NEW....(well it was 2 years in the making) body of work Day Dream.
I have just dropped this range into the lovelies at Studio Ingot so to have a better look at it in it's entirety visit them next time you are in Fitzroy.

I had a bit of trouble writing my artist perusal who likes writing them, but this work is more about a feeling rather than a thing.  It's about how you feel when you catch the nice moments in a day when you stop, look at the sun and stop.

My artist statement...
As a child and as an adult Jessica Morrison is still looking out the window and daydreaming.  In this body of work Day Dream, Morrison is drawing on treasured time spent being still and letting the mind wander. Blurring the lines of focus and just relishing in light, colour and possibility.
The stillness of dreamy thoughts is transferred into the works through the
meditative processes applied to create these ethereal pieces.

Fine silver and glass enamel earrings
Fine silver and glass enamel earrings
18ct Gold and glass enamel earrings
18ct Gold and glass enamel ring

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