Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Silent Auction.....go crazy for the Box Hill Institute 2nd year jewellery students!

Yes it is that time of year again, time to bask in glory of beautiful jewels and retail therapy on a crispy autumn eve to help the 2nd years raise money for their graduate show.  The jewellery donations for this silent auction have been rolling in thick and fast by some extremely talented and generous makers. I must say it is shaping up to be an exciting event and from me personally I'd like to thank everyone that has donated, I teach the second years and I along with all the students really appreciate your support.
So peeps for a great night and a fund raising extravaganza we would like to invite you to...  

The Box Hill Institute
Jewellery Silent Auction 
 16th of May
from 6pm at
New Guernica
322 Little Collins st 

For a sneak peek of these beautiful and generous jewellery donations made by the  jewellery students and artists visit...
I have donated this...

“Field Trip” Bangle by Jessica Morrison 
Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, 24ct Gold and Glass Enamel

20 x 80 x90mm
Reserve Price $150.00

...and this.

“Treasure” Bangle by Jessica Morrison
Sterling Silver
7 x 75 x 80mm
Reserve Price $100.00

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Matthew Bracken is a rock star!!!!

If you thought I had been quite you would be wrong. Amongst gripping tightly to ones roller coaster life  at times, we have been building a new studio for me!!!!!! When I say 'we' I mean Matthew designed and built the above new jewellery workshop (to keep us both sane, the shed wasn't working out).  And I love it!  I have learn't over this last year since moving out of my city studio that you have to create a professional space which works for you rather than just fitting your bench in somewhere!
(yes you are correct that is some seriously exciting 70's copper extraction fan!)
Whilst it was very tempting to leave this beautiful space just like this and bask in the woohoo-ness of having such a great was time to put it to work!
And a special thanks to dad for building my shelves and being extra hands when needed!
Now finally i think it's time to get those jewellery cogs moving again.