Sunday, March 27, 2011

Figment...(whoops 2010)

Hmmm, so I have some catching up to do.... anyhow....
Figment was an exhibition developed and launched by e.g.etal about this time last year. E.g.etal transformed into a city of bright lights and shadows. They pushed the normal displaying traditions and displayed the artworks on projectors which beamed beautiful silhouettes onto the gallery walls. Interesting and hot (in temperature not in a Paris Hilton way)!

Above are the silhouettes of my drawings and pieces (but not the two silhouettes furthest to the right). It felt a little revealing to see your sketches not only on display but huge and on the wall. Although i must say i did cringe when i saw my drawings so there naked on the wall to share with everyone, i did like the connection of the projected images and my concept for the body of work, 'Day Dreaming'. Yes very dreamy.
Although i haven't included any clear images of the work stay tuned as i am continuing to develop this body of work so i will save them up for another time not so far from now.

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