Thursday, November 15, 2012

Infinite repeat- Simon Browne teaming up with Artifice Store

Hey look at what we are doing at Artifice store......check out our blurb below. Too exciting for words!!!! 
Infinite repeat...Artifice store's first event and product range with Simon Browne.

Melbourne jewellery artists Jessica Morrison, Matthew Bracken and Coconut Lu (us the peeps from Artifice store) will join forces with Graphic Designer Simon Browne (rockstar) this coming weekend. Come down to Artifice store and see what magic happens when the four collide and turn Browne's paintings into wearable art.  This event will produce Artifice store's first collaborative product.  

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 November 10am - 4pm
Customs Wharf Galleria
126 Nelson Place Williamstown 3016
Melways Map 56 E9
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Ohhh and to introduce Simon Browne's are some of his beautiful paintings.
Simon Browne
B4 #1, September 2012
Modelling enamel on Japanese wood panel

Simon Browne
140 x 180 #4. September 2012
Modelling enamel on Japanese wood panel

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